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"Brad is an absolute pleasure to work with. Always eager to find the solution to client challenges with a sharp wit and excellent critical thinking, and always driven by a positivity that's infectious with the team. He's an excellent storyteller, with that rare ability to tell simple, concise, and hard hitting stories. His inquisitive nature has led to him being well versed in many aspects of digital and technology during our time working together. Oh yeah, and he's freakin' hilarious too. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon."


- Rob Kurfehs

Creative Director, Organic

"Brad is creative and energetic, capable of not only listening and tailoring to a client’s needs but delivering a comprehensive advertising vision. Brad worked from start to finish with our firm to develop a fresh, modern advertising campaign. Throughout the process Brad was responsive, timely, and brimming with ideas tailored to our professional image. I would not hesitate to recommend Brad to others for any level of advertising work."


- Ian Sloan

Client, Chandler, Nichol, and Sloan, P.A.

"Brad was my partner briefly while working at Grey. He was extremely hard working and always came to the table with a plethora of ideas. He truly knows what it means to be a team and he made concepting very easy. Brad's passion to produce great work is addictive. Brad and I worked on projects from Wet Ones and Smucker's to internal introductory videos. And his sense of humor is infectious. Brad is definitely one of those guys you come across and realize he truly can do anything. If ever a project comes up that you're unsure about how to create or produce, Brad never fails. He will get it done. Bottom line. He's an amazing human being and a great friend."


- Shardae Mendes

Art Director, Grey

"During 'How To Do Killer Work', Brad was a fount of ideas, able to attack a creative strategic challenge from a number of different angles. The work he did in class was featured in the formal Killer Work team presentation to The Museum of the City of NY. In addition to his creative skills, Brad possesses another very valuable trait. He's a generous and open-minded collaborator (witness his improvisational comedy training and skills), a more rare talent in this business than one might think."


- Mark Burk

Teacher, The School of Visual Arts

"From 2004 to 2007, my partner and I were the creative directors on the 3M account, billing about $50 million annually.


During that time, Brad Engle was our go-to guy. When we needed to put together storyboards we’d go to Brad, who’d use his computer skills and ingenuity to create storyboards from drawings, images he’d photo-shop, photos he’d taken – whatever led to the best work in the least time. He’d also help us create print ads, often coming up with copy or visuals that took the ideas to the next level.


When budgets got cut and we needed to create our own quick & rough commercials for testing, we went to Brad. He worked behind the camera and in front of it, taught himself editing programs on his own time, and helped us do the impossible – test spots that were cheap, quick, and good. As word got out about Brad he became a full-time copywriter at Grey, working on print, radio, television, and digital projects for clients in a variety of categories. He honed his presentation skills by presenting work internally and to clients, accumulated more production experience, and made the most of every opportunity he was given. Do yourself a favor and give him a chance to be your go-to guy."


- Jeff Wine

Creative Director, Grey

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