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Even though I had worked in sports before, this was my first time in the field as a Copywriter.  I primarily worked for the New York Rangers where I handled day to day projects like in-game advertising and bigger projects like social media videos.

Took on the world of digital advertising.  Initially did Customer Relationship Management (CRM) work, but that expanded to banners, websites and other digital projects.   Did some traditional advertising like TV and radio as well.

Worked on my own for a few years.  Clients included a pizza shop, accounting firm and a medium-sized printing company.  Gained a new appreciation for the work and the business.

Boutique agency where I was a project assistant helping on websites and film projects.  Did this at the same time I was
at The School of Visual Arts.

Made the commitment to grow as a Copywriter.  Two years of classes in traditional and digital advertising.

Three years of complete advertising immersion.  Mentored by old school advertising Creative Directors in traditional advertising.  Started as an Assistant and finished as a Copywriter.  Also experienced a massive cultural change in the company.  I could write a book on my time there.

My first creative department.  The NBC Universal merger made it a short stay, but incredible experience helping with print and other off-air media.

Lived inside the machine that is live broadcast TV.  Learned about editing and professionalism on set.

Ran the campus entertainment board, made my first ads, and double majored in Theater and Economics.

Born in Delaware, raised to love the Phillies and Eagles.

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