Quaker on the Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo and hands-free operating systems have emerged in the past few years.  We wrote a "skill" for the Echo that took users through the process of making overnight oats and another product that will be released soon.  I was the co-writer on this project.  You can enable the skill by saying "Alexa, enable Quaker" and run it by saying "Alexa, run Quaker".  If you don't have an Echo,  you can use this online simulator to try it out.

"Today we’re going to make Overnight Oats, the most fun and convenient way to eat your favorite Quaker oats."

"Great, lets make Blueberry Banana. I am sending this recipe to your Alexa app so you can follow along. Here's what you'll need..."

"Tomorrow morning, you’ll wake up to a delicious and refreshing breakfast, no further prep required!"

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