Branded Content

My team worked with corporate partners to create branded content for the Rangers social media.  Each series had its own challenges that forced me to go beyond being just a writer.  Since this is proprietary content, the videos will open in a new window at

Square Space "Make It"

I wrote all of the treatments for these videos as well as conducted the interview for two of these.  I had to figure out what story we were telling by doing my research and structuring the interview questions.  I worked closely with the editor to craft the

final piece.

Chase Unlocked

This series tested my ability to think on my feet to capture honest moments.  I prepared my questions, but the best questions came up on the fly when I had a chance chat with my subject (or subjects) for a moment as the story of the event unfolded.

New York Eats by Imperial Dade

This was a fun series all about food in New York.  We collaborated on the questions and I took a leadership role with the shoots.  I worked with the crew to collect B-roll, worked closely with talent, and oversaw the evolution of the edits.

Creative Direction

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