Be One Run

My client had a big idea.  My challenge was to sharpen and simplify his copy to tell his story and mission while giving him a creative foundation to build on.  I did all the creative you see below except the logo.

Run, give, and celebrate as one.

Mission Statement

To inspire. To unite. To celebrate. This is the mission of Be One Run.
We inspire action by creating a platform to aid organizations and individuals in need around the world.
We unite those we give to with every participant of culturally-themed running parties and events.
We celebrate that bond of being one from the initial sign up to well beyond the after-party of a Be One Run.

About Us

Life is meant to be celebrated.  This is the lesson Be One’s founder, Anthony Barry, learned as a child growing up in a Grenadian household.  Anthony was immersed in his family’s festive heritage through music, art and other Grenadian traditions.  These experiences shaped Anthony and stayed with him as he entered the world as a young man.


Anthony’s first career was with the United States Marines.  This took him all over the world and exposed him to various cultures and communities.  He saw the impact he could have by helping others through service.  What he didn’t expect to find was a special bond that would form with those he served.  This taught him a second valuable lesson: when you give, you become one with those you give to.


Communities embraced Anthony and shared their own customs with him.  He was exposed to new forms of music, art, and other traditions that reminded him of his childhood, but also showed him the uniquely beautiful ways each culture celebrated life.


A Be One event or run is a way of sharing these celebrations of life while giving back to the communities that created them.  Each event will focus on a specific culture with the proceeds going back to their communities in need.  Participants will be surrounded by that culture’s art and music throughout a run that will culminate with an unforgettable party.   The runs will vary at each event, but there will always be spirit of celebration and service at every Be One event.  We invite you to run, give, and celebrate as one with us at our next event.



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